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Asana of the Day – June 09 – Pawanmuktasana

Asana of the Day – June 08 – Shashankasana

Asana of the Day – June 07 – Bhadrasana

BHADRĀSANA (The Firm/Auspicious Posture)

Bhadra means firm or auspicious.

Sthiti: Long sitting posture (Visrāmāsana)

Sit erect with the legs stretched out straight in the front.
Keep the hands beside the hips and palm resting on the floor.
This is Dandāsana.
Now put the soles of your feet together.
Exhale and clasp your hands together over your toes.
Pull your heels as close as possible up to perineum region.
If your thighs are not touching or are not close to the floor, place a soft cushion underneath the knees for support.
This is the final position.
Stay here for sometime

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Yoga endorsement by Business leader and entrepreneur Mukesh Bansal, Founder, Myntra

Asana of the Day – June 06- Trikonasana

TRIKONĀSANA (The Triangle Posture)

Trikona means triangle. Tri means three and kona is an angle. As the āsana resembles three arms triangles made by the trunk and the limbs, it has been named Trikonāsana.


Stand on your feet comfortably apart. Slowly raise both the arms sideways till they are horizontal. Exhale, slowly bend to the right side and place the right hand just behind the right foot. The left arm is straight up, in line with the right arm. Turn the left palm forward. Turn your head and gaze at the tip of the left middle finger. Remain in the posture for 10-30 seconds with normal breathing. As you inhale slowly come up. Repeat for the left side.

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Asana of the Day – June 05 – Ardha Chakrasana

ARDHA CAKRĀSANA (The Half Wheel Posture)

Ardha means half. Cakra means wheel. In this posture, as the body takes the shape of a half wheel, hence it is called Ardha Cakrāsasna.


Support the back at the waist with all the fingers together pointing forward or downward. Drop the head backwards stretching the neck muscles. As you inhale, bend backwards from the lumbar region; exhale and relax. Stay here for 10-30 seconds with normal breathing. Inhale and slowly come up. Continue reading “Asana of the Day – June 05 – Ardha Chakrasana”

Asana of the Day – June 04 – Pada Hastasana

PĀDA-HASTĀSANA (The Hands to Feet Posture)

Pāda means feet, hasta means hands. Therefore, Pāda Hastāsana
means taking the palms down towards the feet. This is also referred
as Uttānāsana.

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International Day of Yoga: Its Beginning


International Day of Yoga: Its Beginning

After the successful celebration of first International Day of Yoga, 2015 throughout the world, we are just a few weeks away to celebrate the second International Day of Yoga. Let us take a brief look at how this initiative started last year.

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Yogacharya Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani


Deputy Director, CYTER, MGMCRI and Chairman ICYER, Puducherry


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