BHADRĀSANA (The Firm/Auspicious Posture)

Bhadra means firm or auspicious.

Sthiti: Long sitting posture (Visrāmāsana)

Sit erect with the legs stretched out straight in the front.
Keep the hands beside the hips and palm resting on the floor.
This is Dandāsana.
Now put the soles of your feet together.
Exhale and clasp your hands together over your toes.
Pull your heels as close as possible up to perineum region.
If your thighs are not touching or are not close to the floor, place a soft cushion underneath the knees for support.
This is the final position.
Stay here for sometime

Keeps the body firm and helps to stabilize the mind.
Keeps the knees and hip joints healthy.
Helps to relieve knee pain.
Acts on the abdominal organs and releases any tension in the abdomen.
Benefits women by relieving abdominal pain often experienced during menstruation.
A word of caution
Avoid this practice in case of severe arthritis and sciatica