TRIKONĀSANA (The Triangle Posture)

Trikona means triangle. Tri means three and kona is an angle. As the āsana resembles three arms triangles made by the trunk and the limbs, it has been named Trikonāsana.


Stand on your feet comfortably apart. Slowly raise both the arms sideways till they are horizontal. Exhale, slowly bend to the right side and place the right hand just behind the right foot. The left arm is straight up, in line with the right arm. Turn the left palm forward. Turn your head and gaze at the tip of the left middle finger. Remain in the posture for 10-30 seconds with normal breathing. As you inhale slowly come up. Repeat for the left side.


Prevents flat foot. Strengthens calf, thigh and waist muscles. Makes the spine flexible, improves lungs capacity.

A word of caution

Avoid this posture in case of slipped disc, sciatica, and after undergoing abdominal surgery. Do not do beyond limits and over do the lateral stretch. If one cannot touch the feet, one can reach for the knees instead