ARDHA CAKRĀSANA (The Half Wheel Posture)

Ardha means half. Cakra means wheel. In this posture, as the body takes the shape of a half wheel, hence it is called Ardha Cakrāsasna.


Support the back at the waist with all the fingers together pointing forward or downward. Drop the head backwards stretching the neck muscles. As you inhale, bend backwards from the lumbar region; exhale and relax. Stay here for 10-30 seconds with normal breathing. Inhale and slowly come up.


Ardha Cakrāsana makes the spine flexible and strengthens the spinal nerves. Strengthens the neck muscles, and improves breathing capacity. Helps in cervical spondylitis.

A word of caution

Avoid this posture in case of vertigo or a tendency to giddiness. Hypertensive patients shall bend with care