PĀDA-HASTĀSANA (The Hands to Feet Posture)

Pāda means feet, hasta means hands. Therefore, Pāda Hastāsana
means taking the palms down towards the feet. This is also referred
as Uttānāsana.

Stand straight with feet 2 inches apart.
Inhale slowly and raise the arms up.
Stretch up the body from the waist.
Exhale and bend forward until the trunk is parallel to the ground.
Exhale, and bend forward until the entire palm rests on the ground.
Maintain this final posture for 10-30 seconds.
Those who are having stiff back should bend according to their capacity.
Now inhale, come up slowly to the vertical position and stretch the arms above the head.
Exhale and slowly return to the starting position in reverse order.
Relax in Tādāsana.
Makes the spine flexible, improves digestion, prevents constipation and menstrual problems.
A word of caution
Please avoid this practice in case of cardiac or back problems, abdominal inflammation, hernia and ulcers, high myopia, vertigo and during pregnancy.
Those with vertebral and disc disorders should also avoid this practice.